About Tribute Store

The Tribute Store is an online shopping service that gives friends and family members the opportunity to express their condolences to those who are experiencing or have experienced a loss. Gifts from the Tribute Store bring comfort to the suffering and deliver smiles when they're needed most, whether you're located across the country or right next door.

A Simple Way to Express Your Support

Every item found in the Tribute Store has been hand-picked to provide an appropriate and considerate gift for times when words aren't enough. These gifts let grieving families know that you're thinking of them and deliver a welcome sense of comfort—no matter where they are on the journey of loss.

Knowing how to support those who are going through difficult times can be challenging. If you aren't sure what to do to express your sympathies, our team is here to help you. Our thoughtful advisors can assist you in selecting a gift that will lift your loved ones' spirits and show them how much you care.

We're Here to Help

The grieving process doesn't end with the funeral service. There's no time limit on the need for support and comfort, which is why our Tribute Store advisors are here to provide you with thoughtful guidance and assistance.

If there is anything we can do to make your experience easier, please contact us for help at any time.


Send Flowers to a Loved One

Show your support by purchasing flowers and gifts.